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Friday, February 19, 2016

E-Z Log Tenon Cutter

The E-Z Log Tenon cutter is the most affordable cutter available, and it is adjustable!
You don't need to spend big bucks to make perfect tenons at the ends of logs.  And, you don't need to buy a bunch of different sized cutters.
The E-Z Log Tenon Cutter can be adjusted to cut 1" up to 3" diameter tenons by simply adjusting the cutting arms to fit whatever size mortise bit you want to use.
The E-Z Log Tenon Cutter is available in both a 45-Degree angle cut, or a flat, 90-Degree cut.
For complete specs, view the PDF I wrote, complete with instructions, photos, and tips on using this great tenon cutter.
We have been selling these cutters for almost 6 years now, and use ours all of the time.  We have plenty in stock, along with spare blades and help when you need it.
Visit out website, to find out how to contact us, text, or
call Sandy.

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Free Strap Clamp Woodworking Plan


I kind-of forgot about this blog.  Sorry.
E-Z 45 Degree Log Tenon Cutter
E-Z 45-Degree Log Tenon Cutter
I switched my website over to Weebly a few years ago, and they also have a blog feature.  I haven't been writing much there either.

I still sell the E-Z Log Tenon Cutters and Tools.  I am also still cutting tree log slices for wood crafters.

I now offer a FREE Strap Clamp Plan that you can make out of scrap pieces of wood and a basic ratchet strap tie-down.

When you need to tie down a round object like a log, a strap clamp works well, especially if it is too large to put into a regular woodworking vice or clamp.

You can use the Strap Clamp to secure logs for peeling bark with a draw knife, drilling pilot holes, and for cutting the tenons at the ends of logs and branches.
For more Rustic Woodworking information, please visit our website at

Friday, November 4, 2011

Primative Cedar Weather Sticks

These primitive cedar Weather Sticks, made by the folks on Davis Hill, accurately predict what the weather is doing.  They will point up toward the sky when the weather is good, and down toward the ground when the weather is not so good.

Simply mount it outside under an eve, or by a window so that you can see if from inside of the house.  A brass nail is provided.

You can order them below, or go to my website, Rustic Woodworking, for more information, or for other rustic wood products.

Order Weather Sticks Here:
$8.45 each.  Discounts apply if more than one stick is ordered.


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Customer Photos

I was happy to receive these photos from Kyle S.  With his permission I have posted them below for others to see his great work, and what is possible when using our E-Z Tenon Cutter.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Phone Orders

Just wanted to report that I can now accept phone orders for my wood products and for the E-Z Tenon Cutter.

I have had several customers mention that they did not want to place any type of order over the internet using their credit card.  I am using this on a trial basis.  If there is not enough demand to cover the monthly fees, I will cancel it.

Since I am only in the office certain days of the week, please see my contact page for specific hours.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Droid 2 Desktop Cradle - Universal For All Smartphones

Here is my latest idea of what to do with the ends of logs and branches after I am done cutting log slices. 
I had to make one for myself, so I figured other people might want one also.  I searched and searched the internet for a heavy-duty cell phone holder for my desktop when tethering to my PC.  I bought a plastic holder, and it tips over.  I bought a media desktop stand, which has a magnet on the back and activates the media center, which I don't need or want.  I just wanted a  holder for my desktop.  So I made one.  Let me know if you want one too.    I have other ideas in mind for different designs, but this is what I cut so far.  Check back later for more options.

Droid 2 in horizontal position.  Add a magnet to access Media mode.

A simple carpet tack will be included so that you can secure your USP cord to the cradle to fit your phone.  I will include several tacks so that you can personalize your stand.  By tacking the cord to the wood, and then plugging in your phone, it secures the phone so that it doesn't fall off the stand if bumped.

Droid 2 in Vertical position.  Elm wood.
Tall stand made from Poplar wood.  I wanted to bring the phone up and away from the PC to minimize signal interferences.